To get an idea of the kinds of work I’ve been involved in, I invite you have a look at my portfolio below. I have extensive experience working closely with non-native English speakers as well as proofreading their work. All writing projects and content I work with are meticulously researched and carefully checked for errors and factual accuracy.

Content Management

Creating a clear and consistent voice throughout a webpage draws in the reader and relates them to the author. Whether this is a small post-a-month blog or a large-scale online services site, I enjoy helping websites I’m involved with keep their page and product message in the tone best fit for their audience.

Paths Unwritten


Paths Unwritten is an archaeological travel site and my long-term passion project. Beginning in 2011 as a personal journal-style travel blog, I repurposed the site into one based around in-depth articles and guides to archaeology sites, historic cultures, and ancient monuments. All articles, destination profiles, and general posts found at Paths Unwritten are researched, photographed, and written personally.



As the Global Communications Manager for TraDove, Inc., my foremost responsibility is maintaining consistent messaging and editorial quality through all new and existing content put on the social platform. I am a regular content contributor to company blog posts, press releases, and white papers. Additionally, I also manage community communication through TraDove’s Telegram channel and external social media accounts.

Another of my primary roles has been the editing and language localization across four mobile apps. These duties include communicating with teams in the U.S., China, and Ukraine to create uniform and streamlined UX and web copy for the best possible customer-facing experience.

Prior to this, as TraDove‘s Content and User Experience Manager, I was responsible for editing, revising, and rewriting content over the entire site in order to create our fully-functional English-language business social networking platform. Because the original site was entirely translated from Chinese, much of this effort involved a high level of language localization. Additionally, I took charge in writing/editing/publishing blog posts, English-language social media and email marketing, and writing copy for English-language email newsletters. TraDove has over 250,000 registered users.

China Expat Law (No longer online)


China Expat Law was a site designed to promote the legal services of English-speaking Chinese attorney Sophia Wright to foreigners throughout China. After creating the page and writing its content, I was responsible for editing and maintaining Sophia’s blog posts, updating the site with new content, and serving as a consultant on her web presence.


Writing Work

Whether for a business news article, a personal blog post, or a full website, research becomes my primary focus. Before any words hit the page, a thoroughly researched plan comes first. From this plan, we can begin work tailoring the content and voice to the perfect fit for that piece.

Archaeology & History

Archaeology Travel

General Travel

Business & Technology

White Papers & Press Releases

Mobile App UX and ASO Content

In addition to web content, I have led and written all user experience (UX) content in the development of four mobile apps and their associated app store listings. These include the DoveCard and DoveCheck apps currently found in the App Store and Google Play.